Recruitment of employees

Employees from Ukraine and Poland

The selection of personnel is one of the most important elements of human resource management strategies. Our agency will help your company with its selection and organization of work.

Temporary Work is a flexible solution that provides broad possibilities of planning employment policy in the company, as well as responding to a sudden increase in the demand for external personnel related to the seasonality of production, increase in orders or an increase in the number of contractors.

We provide professional services in the field of recruitment and employment of temporary employees from Poland and Ukraine throughout Poland. We have an extensive database of qualified employees of Polish and Ukrainian nationality interested in temporary work in our country. We have experience in working with both large international companies as well as small and medium enterprises that invariably use our help in HR.

Our advantage is the low cost of cooperation and extensive accommodation , which completely eliminates the problem of employee accommodation.

Due to the dynamic development of the company and broadening the base of temporary employees, we are looking for new business partners.

As part of the Jobspol Sp. z oo Sp. K. as Temporary Employment Agency, we offer you the highest quality services , which will allow you to supplement the emerging staff shortages of the middle and lower level.

After establishing cooperation, the Jobspol agency will take over your responsibilities related to the administration and employment of Temporary employees.

We start the recruitment process after signing the contract, therefore the entire cooperation proceeds quickly and successfully without losing valuable time and without unnecessary formalities.

The scope of our services includes in particular:

signing contracts and keeping all documentation related to the temporary employee's files,
immediate response to reported staffing needs,
payment of premiums and payment of remuneration based on the hourly reports of temporary employees referred by us,
controlling visas and the legality of employment,
submitting applications to the Silesian Voivodship Office for obtaining residence and work permits,
controlling visas and other documents related to the legality of employment,
organization of medical examinations,
submitting applications to the Silesian Voivodship Office for obtaining residence and work permits,
incurring liabilities of public-law nature related to income tax and social insurance of persons referred,
providing accommodation for employees

The course of cooperation

By choosing cooperation with us, you choose trust, reliability and professionalism.

  • Presentation of our employee offer

    We have a number of qualified and qualified employees from various specialties. We will prepare a wide range for you without fear.

  • Establishing the terms and starting cooperation

    After mutual determination of the conditions and the course of cooperation, JOBSPOL takes over the task of providing and coordinating employees with possible accommodation and legal assistance services.

  • Supervision by the contractor in the form of a coordinator

    We constantly supervise the quality and working mode of recruited employees who work for you. Our employees are very effective because they work with a vision of earning and building their careers.

Do you want to use the recruitment service?

Our specialists are at your disposal.