Employees from Ukraine

Employees from Ukraine in Poland

Employees from Ukraine is the only quick opportunity for most employers in Poland to fill staff shortages in the domestic labor market. Employees from the east is a perfect solution for companies from any industry. Think about hiring workers from Ukraine.

Citizens from Ukraine who come to Poland are job-oriented. They do their best to make their actions appreciated.

Our company has been recruiting and servicing employees from the East for years. By acquiring employees from Ukraine, we offer increased work efficiency. Employees from Ukraine are very productive because they came to Poland to work and want to make a profit . They can work for a long time, they are determined . We help Polish companies thereby significantly reduce labor costs and efficiently manage human resources in their organizations.

Few companies in Poland had employees of Ukraine. It is so common today that companies that do not use employees from the eastern border are already a minority in our country.

Employees from Ukraine or other countries in the eastern part of Europe are increasingly employed in a wide range of industries as well as the service sector. Ukrainian employees find employment not only as construction workers, but also in fruit-growing, shipbuilding, furniture and processing industries. Are you looking for ad hoc help in your company? Be sure to report to us! We recruit seasonal workers from Ukraine who will be extremely helpful during intensive production.

We have a huge staff of employees - also specialized . Our database of candidates also includes Ukrainian employees who can boast of certificates and trainings entitling them to specialist tasks.

High work efficiency
A long amount of hours worked
Conscientious work and reliability
Willingness to achieve satisfying earnings - motivation

Why is Ukraine our favorite?

The Ukrainian are our closest relative. We share a common history, unusual traditions, similar language - Slavic. Culture and values ​​are also very close to ours. In addition, the Ukrainians themselves mostly like Poles and Polish culture. They admire our country for a successful political and economic transformation. They quickly acclimate in our country, learn the language, bring their children, send them to schools and kindergartens.

Poland is a supporter of Ukraine's approach to the European Union. Ukrainians finally chose European integration in 2014.

Where to find employees from Ukraine?

Temporary work agency JOBSPOL can boast of experience in finding and conducting recruitment of workers from the east. Thanks to the dynamic operation of our company, thousands of Ukrainian citizens have found employment in very different industries, and thousands of employers have found solid employees. In Poland, employees from the east find jobs regardless of the industry in which they specialize.

How to employ?

Our employment agency offers cooperation with the form of employee leasing. What is it about? We have a rich base of employees and workers from Ukraine. If you are looking for a temporary employee or for a longer period, please report and we will give you the best candidate for the position you are looking for.

Acquiring an employee takes place in full compliance with Polish and international law. We carry out workers from the east through the process of legalizing their work. To this end, we register a statement informing about the intention to entrust work to Ukrainian citizens for a period of 6 months and help the future employee obtain a visa at the Consulate of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine.

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