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JOBSPOL Employment Agency

Temporary Employment Agency JOBSPOL operates in the international and national job placement industry. We recruit and rent workers from Ukraine and Poland to work. We will carry out every possible recruitment. We have a wide base of candidates for work with each specialization, both qualified and inexperienced employees.

Our company takes full responsibility for the correctness of the activities performed. With us, you can recruit specialists to carry out your project and to entrust your chosen workstation. Employee outsourcing with the JOBSPOL company is an ideal way to fill staff shortages, meet the demand for employees and optimize employment costs.

Returning to us is a guarantee of a constant level of services, it is also a good alternative to invest in your own employees. With us, you can quickly get a team of employees to complete the project. We are always in touch with our clients.

  • Recruitment of employees
  • Employee leasing
  • Recruitment supervision
  • Accommodation services
  • Legal support
Full experience and fast recruitment

Our offer of recruitment of employees is directed mainly to enterprises that are not able to find suitable job candidates in the local labor market. JOBSPOL Employment Agency will organize qualified employees with appropriate experience in a short time and in any amount.

We approach each project with due care and diligence in implementation. We recruit people to all the workers' industries.

  • Only with us you rent employees without fear, we keep our finger on the pulse. We are at your disposal 24 / h.
  • Reliability is our second name. We provide cooperation with the best at a reasonable price.
  • Qualified staff from the East, unstoppable specialists and efficient organization - It's all for you to run your business efficiently.

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