Employee leasing

Employee leasing

This solution is good for an employer expecting quick employment of temporary employees from Ukraine and convenience in terms of their staffing. The contract has a tripartite character:
Employer User - Temporary Employment Agency - Temporary Employee.

Employee leasing guarantees excellent staff in your company and no formalities related to the employment of employees. All HR and payroll matters, the Employment Agency takes on itself. You remain supervised and directed by staff. Employee leasing is a very flexible solution for employing employees.

In the case of an employee leasing service, the subject of the contract is not the Employee, but the service - performed by that Employee . The cost of such a service can be included in the costs of running a business. The rental service we provide is always at the highest level.

Employee leasing is the optimal solution, among others for entrepreneurs planning the implementation of ad hoc projects requiring a lot of work in a short period of time. This variant works well, including in the case of temporary work.

It allows you to quickly engage staff when a given date requires it. This service is also used when it is necessary to temporarily replace employees who, for example, benefit from sick leave, and when the development of the company requires more people, while their employment would involve exceeding statutory limits.

In addition, employee leasing is an extremely advantageous solution for companies because it allows a temporary, flexible and convenient form of employment. By offering you this service, we take full administrative and human resources support as well as processes and costs related to recruitment, selection and verification. This brings considerable savings in the company's budget , as well as less time and work of the company.

The course of cooperation

By choosing cooperation with us, you choose trust, reliability and professionalism.

  • Presentation of our employee offer

    We have a number of qualified and qualified employees from various specialties. We will prepare a wide range for you without fear.

  • Establishing the terms and starting cooperation

    After mutual determination of the conditions and the course of cooperation, JOBSPOL takes over the task of providing and coordinating employees with possible accommodation and legal assistance services.

  • Supervision by the contractor in the form of a coordinator

    We constantly supervise the quality and working mode of recruited employees who work for you. Our employees are very effective because they work with a vision of earning and building their careers.

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